Bleck Design Group combines industrial design and engineering for seamless product development from concept to production. We design for visionary clients at both small and large companies to create compelling products.

We design products in a wide range of industries including business equipment, medical devices and consumer products. Our goal is to build a great relationship with each client based upon the success of our designs.

Bleck Design Group has won over twenty awards in several industries for outstanding design. More important is the longevity of our designs in the market. Read about these case studies in our web site and how these classic product designs were developed.

Through design we transform complex technology into a simple user experience. We optimize ergonomics for comfortable and intuitive use. We create iconic designs that build strong brands. Our thorough engineering and documentation leads to efficient global manufacturing of quality products.

Call Jim Bleck at 978-251-7474 x223 to discuss your industrial design, engineering or product development needs.

Thank You...

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Thank you to all of our present and past clients! We are proud of the start-ups that let us design their first products and gave us the chance to help them grow. We commend our clients' visionary executives that find the new markets and secure the funding. We thank the dedicated in-house staff at every client for working with us. Our peers have given us many design awards and we appreciate the recognition. Thanks to our present and past employees for being dedicated to every design. And, thanks to everyone that considered Bleck Design Group and let us compete for your business.  We look forward to the next thirty years!

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