Bleck Design Group provides complete concept to production design programs that are tailored to each client's needs. We can provide:

  • Research: Competitive Product Evaluation, User Observation, Technology and Component Sourcing, Innovation Potential Mapping
  • Industrial Design: Concept Development, User Ergonomics, User Interaction Design, Product Brand Development and Planning
  • Mechanical Engineering: Electronic Packaging, Mechanisms, High Volume Production Design (Plastics, Metals etc.), Analysis, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), We utilize Solid-Works and Pro-Engineer CAD tools for engineering and documentation.
  • System Development (With Partners): Electronic Design, Machine Design, Software, Embedded Systems.
  • Manufacturing Sourcing: US and Off-Shore Supply Chain for molded plastics, metals and other high-volume production processes.


Industries and Projects

Business Equipment: We design business machines such as printers, computers and telephones. We solve user ergonomic problems, design a beautiful product and engineer durability that is cost effective. We understand high volume manufacturing techniques and we have a proven track record of creating designs that sell at a premium. 

Medical Equipment: We have designed the enclosures for surgical lasers, ultrasound machines, patient monitors, ophthalmic diagnostic machines and defibrillators.  We work closely with our client’s core technology and engineering teams to meet stringent performance specifications. We interview users, develop concepts and feasibility models, and create robust production designs.  Our design process and final documentation easily transfer into design history files.

Surgical Tools: We have developed several surgical tools to assist in a range of surgeries. This includes suturing devices, orthopedic tools and disposable endoscopic accessories.  We develop small mechanisms, simplify ergonomics and reduce costs. We create proof of concept models, clinical evaluation prototypes, and production designs. Typically our clients provide validation and manage the design history files.

Home Health Care: We’re applying our business machine design experience to create easy to use electronic home health care products. We are working with a team that provides electronics, software and telecommunications services. We feel that the application of low-cost consumer electronics technology to assist the aging population is an exciting new area.

Consumer Products:  We’re optimizing ergonomics to transform existing product categories. The price competitive consumer product markets reduce innovation as retailers seek to squeeze supplier margins. This leaves opportunity to innovate. We study the users, look for un-met needs and create radical departures from the commodity products. We search for new cost effective technology that consumers will value. With worldwide sourcing networks we can develop innovative quality products at competitive prices. 

Home Electronics: We have designed enclosures for home electronics, home networks, controls, and pools. We design elegant and robust designs to meet each company’s goals. We create iconic designs that help companies build brands through original and compelling design. We are member of the Consumer Electronics Association.

Laboratory and Scientific Devices:  We have developed new housing designs, entire products and interfaces for laboratory products. These projects focus on creating a quality design that will be competitive in world-wide markets. We can improve ergonomics, product appearance, solve service and assembly issues and often reduce cost. We work closely with the clients internal engineering teams to understand each client’s unique product requirements.

Telecommunications: We have designed enclosures for many rack mount computer and telecommunications products. We have designed home network products, connectors and installation tools. We develop active and passive cooling systems, EMI/RFI shielding, hot swap ejection and installation systems and custom connectors. We design to meet international regulations and provide thorough production documentation.


How to Engage with Bleck Design Group

Call us to discuss your project. We will sign an NDA and begin discussions. We will have an open and direct conversation about the design options. Costs for our services, models, expenses and all production tooling and unit costs will be estimated and clearly described in a proposal. We use our extensive experience on past projects to build development scenarios that consider your specific objectives.  We balance the need for innovation, schedule, cost goals, tooling investment and the market opportunity.

Give us the opportunity for a proposal and we will start the proposal process as if we are starting the project. If we proceed, we are started, if not we appreciate the opportunity to give you a proposal.

Design Proposals may include:

  • Budgets for Development: Design, Engineering, Prototypes, Tooling, Testing and Product Cost
  • Design Opportunities: Identify basic design problems; identify risks and opportunities for innovation. Describe one or two possible solutions and the estimated cost for implementation
  • Cost Reduction: Perform break-even analysis that accounts for all cost to first revenue shipment
  • Investor Presentations: Provide estimates for use in justifying projects or raising capital
  • Business Strategy Development: Consideration of alternate paths to product revenue given the current state of development.


Concept to Production Design

We have extensive experience in developing the complete physical enclosure design for many types of products. Typically the client develops the core technology and we create the industrial design and engineer the overall system packaging through tooling release and early production. We also develop complete products where the technology is relatively simple and industrial design is the differentiating factor.

Plan and Proposal: We start by developing a plan that estimates the total cost, time and technical tasks to get the product to market. We then create an integrated plan that balances our efforts with the client’s resources and vendors. We begin the project with a major review meeting and follow a series of overlapping phases with specific goals.

Phase 0: Specification and Definition: The goal of this phase is to define the project sufficiently to start development. We may focus on finding a key piece of technology, proving costs can be met, or defining the patents and competitive products. If clear requirements and goals are known, then Phase 1 is the start point.

Phase 1: Concept Development: The goal of Phase 1 is to develop a singe concept that is sufficiently defined to meet all the project goals. We will perform research, ergonomic optimization, concept development, refinement of concepts, engineering concepts, evaluation of key technology and production cost analysis. Our process is structured and planned around several successive phases of design, engineering and reviews.

Phase 2: Feasibility and Concept Refinement: The goal of Phase 2 is to define the concept sufficiently to fabricate a looks-like model and to approve the functional design for final engineering. Key performance specifications are tested to prove feasibility, various models are fabricated for approval of features, and production cost is reviewed. A model is fabricated that demonstrates the product’s final external size and form. Functional models are produced to prove mechanisms or other technology will work at the size and configuration planned.

Phase 3: Production Design to Tooling Release: The goal of Phase 3 is to release the design for production tooling. This is typically over 60% of our effort on most projects. We develop the design and documentation for production. We create prototypes and test the design. Quotes for production tooling and parts are acquired. We complete the design sufficient to start tooling and release documentation under strict revision control with full specifications.

Phase 4: Production Implementation: We can provide on-going consulting during tooling and production ramp up, or we can provide complete sourcing for all mechanical parts. We are very experienced in finding vendors that can produce quality parts at a range of production volumes. If the client already has a vendor base we will work closely with those vendors during tooling and pilot manufacturing.


Other Project Types

Solving Engineering or Design Problems: We can solve product design and performance issues. We provide analysis, testing and a revised production design. We solve difficult intermittent problems related to product enclosures, mechanisms, and durability. We are interested in developing relationships with clients through any size or scope of project.

Venture Services: We develop preliminary concepts to explain new products to investors or management. We estimate the total development cost and outline possible risks and opportunities for innovation. The goal of these efforts is to illustrate the basic concept so potential customers, investors or C-level executives can quickly comprehend the proposed product of venture. These types of projects are relatively small but can be very effective in helping evaluate business and product concepts.

Cost Reductions: We can develop cost reduced designs for entire products or for sub-systems. Through reducing part counts, global sourcing and creative design and engineering we can reduced cost and improve quality. We will address all aspects of the product and create a specific plan to achieve the cost reductions.

Research: We provide user observation research to gain insight into product interaction. This research is used to document or discover user interaction errors, or understand the effectiveness of directions. This is qualitative research and is useful in combining with intuition and general knowledge to make informed decisions about specific details.